What is The Book Unbound?

THE BOOK UNBOUND was created by Ken Dawes to promote tarot card awareness and education, and foster a thriving community of developing readers.


The Book Unbound is a map, a method, a mirror, a guide, a question and an answer. It is a reference to the tarot card deck, whose pages are presented in no particular order.


How we interpret these cards parallel how we understand our lives against the backdrop of the universe. The cards reflect that which lies beneath our surface-level perceptions. By assigning descriptions to the cards and the positions in which they appear, we impose an organizing principle onto them. The ways in which we interpret that organization reflect projections of our psyches, but also the shared canon of human experience, what Carl Jung coined as the collective unconscious. The cards invariably depict alternating modes of existence and allow participants to understand their lives in relation to a narrative framework evoked through the reading of the spread.


Through tarot, we can improve our understanding of our social, internal, and spiritual lives, identify problems and solutions, in the never-ending pursuit toward fulfillment and enlightenment.


HAVING STUDIED the cards for almost ten years, Ken has had the great privilege of mentoring under esteemed tarot masters like Rachel Pollack and Reva Bond of New York's East Village. He is a graduate of the University at Albany’s English program, where he received his first set of tarot cards from poet and Writing Center director, Jil Hanifan.

The Book Unbound has partnered with a number of local proprietors to help bring tarot to the stage, including Catland Books (Bushwick), the Cobra Club (Bushwick), the Way Station (Crown Heights), the Crown Inn (Crown Heights), and the Branded Saloon (Crown Heights), and we are always interested in building relationships with community leaders, activists, and business owners.


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Artwork by Najeebah Al-Ghadban

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